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Nature Saves; Save Nature

Battles for environment preservation have begun ever since people who cared for it, called environmentalist, were able to gather and move their cause into actions. They are concerned about the state of Mother Nature in general. However, they are also fighting for the people who value these plants and trees and animals more than others seem to care – the indigenous.

They are the people who have grown to live in the heart of nature. They highly depend on the provision that nature offers them for free, from shelter, to food and to clothing. They respect nature so well and they even treat all of it as gods and goddesses.

This includes protection not just for wildlife, but marine life, too. They give so much value for all things that are a part of nature, for they know that they cannot survive if these things are destroyed.

Learning the fact that there are people who live as one with nature, it is important that we understand that if we hurt nature, we hurt other human beings, too. And we may not realize it, but we are also hurting ourselves. Because even us, the city people, need a lot of things that only nature can provide. This is why, even if you offer them a life in the city, they would still choose to stay with the society they have grown in because they know that even things in the urban area, are gifts from nature.

I personally encountered a group of indigenous people, one time, in order to study their way of life. It was part of a social experiment for a class, way back when I was still in College.

After the week-long immersion, we were about to leave the island where they were residing, when I decided to offer to one of their leaders a sample of one of the Best Compound Bow of 2015. I just recently bought it, before going on the immersion, because I was going to do some hunting before I come back. However, with the intensity of the things we got to learn from this tribe, it made me realize that I should probably leave the hunting in this area to them, because it is an unfamiliar hunting ground, to begin with.

Aside from scuba diving and my love for aquatic adventures, I also like the occasional hunting of wild animals, like deer and boars. That is why I took some time to look for the best crossbow on the market, because I may scuba dive more than I hunt, but I give both activities the same level of careful planning when it comes to purchasing gears and items.

Anyways, when I handed over the bow to one of the leaders, he was very thankful for the gesture. He confessed that he does not even know what it was. When I explained what the bow was for, he smiled, then he took out his own version of a bow and arrow. It was, as expected, “low tech” and worn out. However, we went ahead and demonstrated his skills with his own choice of weapon, and the bird that dropped from the sky, just as swiftly as he took aim with his bow and arrow, made me drop my jaws, too.

There are a lot of things that I have come to learn from that experience, and I will forever remember it. I am thankful that these people opened my eyes to the endless gifts of nature. I won’t even be enjoying the stuff that I love most to do, scuba diving and hunting, if not for the existence of nature. I won’t even be breathing, without it.

Hence, we all should take the time to reflect on how much we are contributing to either helping or killing nature. If we see our lifestyle slowing eating away the life of mother Earth, then it is about time that we do something about it, even in our own little way.