The Story of a Successful Scuba Diving Business

Our Scuba shop is growing and becoming one of the more successful businesses in the locality, and I could not be more proud. It started as a small business in our garage. When we had enough financial support, we decided to open up a proper shop in the heart of the city, and even when we were scared that the venture might flop and our money be put to waste, we took the risk because we know it was something that we know we are very passionate about.

Now, years later, we can say that we are more than glad we took the risk. The business is in bloom and beyond the financial gain we get from this venture, we were able to showcase to the local community just how fun and exciting scuba diving could be. We do not just aim for them to experience it, but we also always aim that they learn how to love not just the activity, but the environment as well, especially the marine life.

We continue to grow and we continue to spread the message of love for marine life. But of course, our years in this business has not always been smooth sailing. We did encounter some mishaps, and we know that we will continue to face them. At first, the problems we encountered really caused us to panic and to embrace a great deal of negativity. However, after being able to surpass each and every problem, and realizing that everything has a solution, we now embrace every problem as an opportunity to grow and to learn.

Our first major roadblock was when, just months into the operation, we were already experiencing a lot of water damage issues in our shop. Of course, we deal with equipment that get submerged in water and so wet devices are a common sight inside the shop. We were not aware of the dangers of water damage that is why we were not able to include precautionary measures while we were just setting up the shop.

Thankfully, a local water damage restoration company was able to help us, and we were able to get rid of the problem before we even had to encounter one of the worst issues, which the company said was mold remediation.

The next issue we had was a failed roofing system that caused water build up in the gutters. Thankfully, we were also able to hire a roofing company that not only addressed the water build up in the gutters, but was also able to reconstruct our roofing system into a more effective one, so that we won’t have to deal with the same problem, ever again.

These are just but some of the issues that we had to encounter, but we were able to pull it off. We know that as we succeed, there will also be greater road bumps, but nothing is ever going to stop us now, knowing that we have what it takes to keep on moving forward.

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Why I Love To Hunt

Why I Love To Hunt

Humans have been hunting their own food for millions of years. In prehistoric times, men used a club or a rock to hunt an animal. Today we have high tech weapons that quickly kill animals without a struggle. Having a high powered weapon is a must in today’s hunting world. A high end weapon will provide a more effective kill with less suffering for the animal.

Those who oppose hunting truly do not understand it. Every living creature hunts down its prey for survival. However, there is much more to the hunt than just killing an animal. The true beauty of hunting lies in the nature that surrounds the hunter and his prey.


As a seasoned hunter myself, I often get lost in the beauty of the land that I’m hunting in. Watching the sunrise over the tree line, while perched up above in a tree stand is something that I’ll never get used to. I am often accompanied by my young son or wife. These special moments have been passed down in my family for generations.

Years ago, my grandfather took me turkey hunting on a cold day in NJ. We were hunting with his old M1 Carbine, and boy could that thing crack. As we were crouched down behind a tree stump, a large turkey appeared in front of us. My grandfather gave me the rifle, and I aimed down the iron sights of the sturdy gun. I fired a shot, but I missed. The turkey got away, but my grandfather told me that it was all right to miss sometimes.

Today, when I’m hunting, I aim down my Viper Vortex Pst scope when I’m not hunting with my bow. It is the best hunting scope that I could find in my price range. I rarely miss when I’m using my high end rifle and scope, but when I do, I remember my grandfather’s words. You can’t hit every target, just like you can’t score every goal.

Vortex Viper PST

Hunting is something that really brings me in tune with my spirituality. There is something about it that I just can’t explain. It almost feels like the whole world doesn’t exist. In some instances, it’s just me, nature, and the animal that I have been waiting for. As I track my prey, my eyes become more alert. My heart rate begins to increase, but the years of hunting have allowed me to remain calm. I slow my breathing and raise my rifle. The animal takes its final breath as I fire a shot into its vital organ. The moment is both sad and rewarding. I feel a sadness for the life I took. However, I feel rewarded knowing that my successful hunt will provide quality nourishment for my loved ones.

Hunters deserve less hate and more respect. Killing an animal to supply a family with food is a natural act that must take place for survival. The animal’s life gives energy to the humans that eat it. Hunting is a tradition that we must keep alive and pass down to our children.

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Nature Saves; Save Nature

Battles for environment preservation have begun ever since people who cared for it, called environmentalist, were able to gather and move their cause into actions. They are concerned about the state of Mother Nature in general. However, they are also fighting for the people who value these plants and trees and animals more than others seem to care – the indigenous.

They are the people who have grown to live in the heart of nature. They highly depend on the provision that nature offers them for free, from shelter, to food and to clothing. They respect nature so well and they even treat all of it as gods and goddesses.

This includes protection not just for wildlife, but marine life, too. They give so much value for all things that are a part of nature, for they know that they cannot survive if these things are destroyed.

Learning the fact that there are people who live as one with nature, it is important that we understand that if we hurt nature, we hurt other human beings, too. And we may not realize it, but we are also hurting ourselves. Because even us, the city people, need a lot of things that only nature can provide. This is why, even if you offer them a life in the city, they would still choose to stay with the society they have grown in because they know that even things in the urban area, are gifts from nature.

I personally encountered a group of indigenous people, one time, in order to study their way of life. It was part of a social experiment for a class, way back when I was still in College.

After the week-long immersion, we were about to leave the island where they were residing, when I decided to offer to one of their leaders a sample of one of the Best Compound Bow of 2015. I just recently bought it, before going on the immersion, because I was going to do some hunting before I come back. However, with the intensity of the things we got to learn from this tribe, it made me realize that I should probably leave the hunting in this area to them, because it is an unfamiliar hunting ground, to begin with.

Aside from scuba diving and my love for aquatic adventures, I also like the occasional hunting of wild animals, like deer and boars. That is why I took some time to look for the best crossbow on the market, because I may scuba dive more than I hunt, but I give both activities the same level of careful planning when it comes to purchasing gears and items.

Anyways, when I handed over the bow to one of the leaders, he was very thankful for the gesture. He confessed that he does not even know what it was. When I explained what the bow was for, he smiled, then he took out his own version of a bow and arrow. It was, as expected, “low tech” and worn out. However, we went ahead and demonstrated his skills with his own choice of weapon, and the bird that dropped from the sky, just as swiftly as he took aim with his bow and arrow, made me drop my jaws, too.

There are a lot of things that I have come to learn from that experience, and I will forever remember it. I am thankful that these people opened my eyes to the endless gifts of nature. I won’t even be enjoying the stuff that I love most to do, scuba diving and hunting, if not for the existence of nature. I won’t even be breathing, without it.

Hence, we all should take the time to reflect on how much we are contributing to either helping or killing nature. If we see our lifestyle slowing eating away the life of mother Earth, then it is about time that we do something about it, even in our own little way.

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How to Start You Way to Scuba Diving

downloadDo you want to experience that feeling where you are floating weightlessly like an astronaut in investigating the unusual species like a field researcher, or searching for some lost objects like a hidden treasure hunter? Well, if you want to have that same experience, then it’s time to try scuba diving.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving will give you the chance to experience everything mentioned above. It will make your dreams into a reality. It is a relatively simple and easy sport or type of diving where you only require a short course or period of practice and training. If you want to reach your goals in diving like as simple as going fishing, it will be very easy for you to be an expert in diving. It will just be a walk in a park if you put yourself together and focus on the short diving training. If you want to learn more about it, here are some steps that are easy to start your way with scuba diving.

Physically Fit

You should determine if you got what it takes to be a scuba diver with your physical fitness. You should take note how small or big you are to go well with other requirements such as the equipment you will be using in diving. You also need to check if you have a good state of mind and health for you to take all the challenges in diving. If you are physically fit, then you are on to the next steps.

Fitness Level

Ages and sizes do not really matter as long as you are healthy and physically ready to go scuba diving. All ages are said to be qualified in learning how to dive and the can do trainings for it. Almost all people have the basic level of physical fitness and that most of them are comfortable inside the water, if they are like this, then they can safely try scuba diving.

downloadScuba Diving Course

There are several scuba diving courses you can try for you to start learning and do training. It’s best to get more information about it and see what program or course is best for you.

Try Scuba Diving

Applying everything you learned in an actual scuba diving is a must. Here, you can check if you can handle and manage everything from start to finish. Scuba diving may be intense but when you apply the theory or knowledge to practice, then you’ll successfully do it.

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How to Safely Dive A Shipwreck

shipwreckdiving-SP-mike-lightboxBasics of Wreck-Diving

Wreck-diving needs skills to be able to do this type of diving so if you are not well trained for it, do not attempt to dive a shipwreck. There is an advanced training available for those divers who want to safely dive a shipwreck. If you want to know more about it, here are a few details on how to safely dive a shipwreck.

Surface Swimming

It is best to start your diving experience with a smooth and good surface swimming routine. You should pull yourself along with a tag line to the mooring line before you make your introduction to descent. What do you mean by mooing? It is the shortest and safest path or way between the boat for diving and the wreck of it.

Remember the Routines

Always remember to know the directions or paths you have started and you should not lose the details on where you started. If there are multiple moorings on the large wreck, you can finish your paths of diving, but at the wrong type of boat. If you plan on descending early, always make sure to take note of where you are or where you are located. You may be at the bow or at the end of the stern, or at the port or the starboard. You should know every detail to know your way back.

Work with the Current

Make sure to go with the current and work your dive routines on it. You should dive against the flow of the current, and as much as possible, keep your body on the leeward side. It is where the superstructure of the shipwreck that can provide you with a little protection. As you swim towards returning back, you should explore the side of the wreck where it’s exposed. After that, you should drift along with the current to make an easy ride back.

Planning your Dive

imagesIt’s ideal to plan ahead your dive so that you can prepare everything for you not to get lost and lose all the oxygen you needed. Getting ahead with everything makes a good start especially in diving. There are different challenges along the way, but with a good plan on your head, you’ll not easily panic when things go wrong. However, in diving safely to shipwreck, you must practice well with your swimming and diving skills to avoid danger that will cause you harm.

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