Archive | October 9, 2016

The Story of a Successful Scuba Diving Business

Our Scuba shop is growing and becoming one of the more successful businesses in the locality, and I could not be more proud. It started as a small business in our garage. When we had enough financial support, we decided to open up a proper shop in the heart of the city, and even when we were scared that the venture might flop and our money be put to waste, we took the risk because we know it was something that we know we are very passionate about.

Now, years later, we can say that we are more than glad we took the risk. The business is in bloom and beyond the financial gain we get from this venture, we were able to showcase to the local community just how fun and exciting scuba diving could be. We do not just aim for them to experience it, but we also always aim that they learn how to love not just the activity, but the environment as well, especially the marine life.

We continue to grow and we continue to spread the message of love for marine life. But of course, our years in this business has not always been smooth sailing. We did encounter some mishaps, and we know that we will continue to face them. At first, the problems we encountered really caused us to panic and to embrace a great deal of negativity. However, after being able to surpass each and every problem, and realizing that everything has a solution, we now embrace every problem as an opportunity to grow and to learn.

Our first major roadblock was when, just months into the operation, we were already experiencing a lot of water damage issues in our shop. Of course, we deal with equipment that get submerged in water and so wet devices are a common sight inside the shop. We were not aware of the dangers of water damage that is why we were not able to include precautionary measures while we were just setting up the shop.

Thankfully, a local water damage restoration company was able to help us, and we were able to get rid of the problem before we even had to encounter one of the worst issues, which the company said was mold remediation.

The next issue we had was a failed roofing system that caused water build up in the gutters. Thankfully, we were also able to hire a roofing company that not only addressed the water build up in the gutters, but was also able to reconstruct our roofing system into a more effective one, so that we won’t have to deal with the same problem, ever again.

These are just but some of the issues that we had to encounter, but we were able to pull it off. We know that as we succeed, there will also be greater road bumps, but nothing is ever going to stop us now, knowing that we have what it takes to keep on moving forward.