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Why I Love To Hunt

Why I Love To Hunt

Humans have been hunting their own food for millions of years. In prehistoric times, men used a club or a rock to hunt an animal. Today we have high tech weapons that quickly kill animals without a struggle. Having a high powered weapon is a must in today’s hunting world. A high end weapon will provide a more effective kill with less suffering for the animal.

Those who oppose hunting truly do not understand it. Every living creature hunts down its prey for survival. However, there is much more to the hunt than just killing an animal. The true beauty of hunting lies in the nature that surrounds the hunter and his prey.


As a seasoned hunter myself, I often get lost in the beauty of the land that I’m hunting in. Watching the sunrise over the tree line, while perched up above in a tree stand is something that I’ll never get used to. I am often accompanied by my young son or wife. These special moments have been passed down in my family for generations.

Years ago, my grandfather took me turkey hunting on a cold day in NJ. We were hunting with his old M1 Carbine, and boy could that thing crack. As we were crouched down behind a tree stump, a large turkey appeared in front of us. My grandfather gave me the rifle, and I aimed down the iron sights of the sturdy gun. I fired a shot, but I missed. The turkey got away, but my grandfather told me that it was all right to miss sometimes.

Today, when I’m hunting, I aim down my Viper Vortex Pst scope when I’m not hunting with my bow. It is the best hunting scope that I could find in my price range. I rarely miss when I’m using my high end rifle and scope, but when I do, I remember my grandfather’s words. You can’t hit every target, just like you can’t score every goal.

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Hunting is something that really brings me in tune with my spirituality. There is something about it that I just can’t explain. It almost feels like the whole world doesn’t exist. In some instances, it’s just me, nature, and the animal that I have been waiting for. As I track my prey, my eyes become more alert. My heart rate begins to increase, but the years of hunting have allowed me to remain calm. I slow my breathing and raise my rifle. The animal takes its final breath as I fire a shot into its vital organ. The moment is both sad and rewarding. I feel a sadness for the life I took. However, I feel rewarded knowing that my successful hunt will provide quality nourishment for my loved ones.

Hunters deserve less hate and more respect. Killing an animal to supply a family with food is a natural act that must take place for survival. The animal’s life gives energy to the humans that eat it. Hunting is a tradition that we must keep alive and pass down to our children.