How to Safely Dive A Shipwreck

shipwreckdiving-SP-mike-lightboxBasics of Wreck-Diving

Wreck-diving needs skills to be able to do this type of diving so if you are not well trained for it, do not attempt to dive a shipwreck. There is an advanced training available for those divers who want to safely dive a shipwreck. If you want to know more about it, here are a few details on how to safely dive a shipwreck.

Surface Swimming

It is best to start your diving experience with a smooth and good surface swimming routine. You should pull yourself along with a tag line to the mooring line before you make your introduction to descent. What do you mean by mooing? It is the shortest and safest path or way between the boat for diving and the wreck of it.

Remember the Routines

Always remember to know the directions or paths you have started and you should not lose the details on where you started. If there are multiple moorings on the large wreck, you can finish your paths of diving, but at the wrong type of boat. If you plan on descending early, always make sure to take note of where you are or where you are located. You may be at the bow or at the end of the stern, or at the port or the starboard. You should know every detail to know your way back.

Work with the Current

Make sure to go with the current and work your dive routines on it. You should dive against the flow of the current, and as much as possible, keep your body on the leeward side. It is where the superstructure of the shipwreck that can provide you with a little protection. As you swim towards returning back, you should explore the side of the wreck where it’s exposed. After that, you should drift along with the current to make an easy ride back.

Planning your Dive

imagesIt’s ideal to plan ahead your dive so that you can prepare everything for you not to get lost and lose all the oxygen you needed. Getting ahead with everything makes a good start especially in diving. There are different challenges along the way, but with a good plan on your head, you’ll not easily panic when things go wrong. However, in diving safely to shipwreck, you must practice well with your swimming and diving skills to avoid danger that will cause you harm.